Oklahoma Senator speaks out about Planned Parenthood

With the recent revelation that Planned Parenthood profits from selling tissues of aborted fetuses for medical research, many have penned strong reactions.

Yesterday, Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma spoke out about the irony of discussing the humane treatment of animals while ignoring the animalistic treatment of humans. He challenged congress, wondering “Why this Congress would spend time today debating horse slaughter and debating orca whales, but yet we’ve become so numb to children that the other debate doesn’t seem to come up. Maybe we need to start again as a nation, asking a basic question. If that’s a child, and in our Declaration [of Independence] we said every person that we believe is endowed by our Creator to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, maybe we need to ask as a nation again, do we really believe that?”

The senator’s comments received widespread coverage from conservative bloggers, including Denny Burke and Chicks On The Right. It’s good, in this age of moral relativism, to hear such clarity from one of our elected representatives.

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