Thinking about Abortion


There has been a lot to follow in the news lately, from the scalesdebacle that is the Trump presidential run, to the criminal case against Hillary Clinton, to terror attacks around the world. During the last week of June, there was another important news piece that flared up briefly, only to quickly become lost in the never-ending blogroll that is modern media reporting. I am referring to the June 27th Supreme Court decision in Whole Women’s Health et al v. Hellerstedt, Commissioner, Texas Department of State Health Services, et al, a case in which a Texas regarding abortion providers was struck down by the high court.

medicalIn this case, the state of Texas had passed a law
that abortion providers must 1) “on the date [of service], have active admitting privileges at a hospital . . . located not further than 30 miles from the” abortion facility. and 2) the “an “abortion facility” must meet the “minimum standards . . . for ambulatory surgical centers.”

I’m not going to get into the legal minutiae of this ruling – goodness knows I’m no legal expert. Nor am I going to excoriate the court for a ruling I find morally problematic. However, I would like to share a paper I wrote last year regarding abortion. This paper looks at abortion from a decidedly pro-life perspective, but in it I seek to show that there are many reasons for us, especially Christians, to oppose abortion other than the typical “life begins at conception” argument. In it, I suggest at least 5 other arguments against abortion: 1) a disregard for divine design, 2) the promotion of cavalier sexuality, 3) the covering up of sin, 4) theological pragmatism, and 5) physical and psychological health.

Abortion Objections


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