Christopher J Ray

In a post-modern age, skeptical of traditional ideologies and of a grand meta-narrative, which eschews ideas of objective reality, absolute truth, and rationality, it becomes more necessary than ever to have men of sound mind who stand up to defend constitutional principles, biblical principles, and general common sense for the sake of ourselves and our posterity.

The Father of American Scholarship and Education, Noah Webster, observed that “Principles, sir, are becoming corrupt, deeply corrupt; and unless the progress of corruption, and perversion of truth can be arrested, neither liberty nor property, will long be secure in this country. And a great evil is, that men of the first distinction seem, to a great extent, to be ignorant of the real, original causes of our public distresses.” This observation is no less relevant today as it was nearly two centuries ago.

My goal will be to offer insight into what it is to be a constitutional conservative American, a Christian, a father, and a member of today’s society – a society that has thrown off many of the moorings that it was founded upon. Principles driving the opinions herein include:

  • an adherence to the belief that God, as our Creator, created an order that ought to be respected
  • that Biblical truths are the basis for a right understanding the nature of God and man, as well as history and culture.
  • that the founding documents of The United States are not fluid, but represent principles that ought to be interpreted as they would likely have been interpreted by the Founders
  • that truth, logic, and reason are not amorphous abstractions, but relevant, indispensable, and beneficial facets of public and private life.

About Me

I work in the banking industry in the Pacific Northwest. I have served churches as a youth pastor, a Director of Special-Needs Ministries, and as a teacher. In 2015, I received a Masters of Divinity degree from Liberty University with an emphasis in church history. I am an avid reader, mostly of history and theology, an amateur genealogist, and a Trekkie forever.

Live Long and Prosper